Galinhos, one of the most beautiful places along the north coast.
Located on a peninsula as a paradise surrounded by water. Time has really stood still in this 2000-man village.

After a scenic drive to the south you arrive at the peninsula. Cars are not there, so you cross by boat to get to the old fishing village, a place where you still ride with horse and wagon. You will quickly feel at ease in this place surrounded by the sea.
Definitely a location to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility. Brazilian culture and nature go hand in hand here. Explore the area and have a drink in the local bar or for the fanatics among us, walk around the village once.

After some time you will go to another place in the neighborhood. You will then visit the salt marshes in this paradise of the north, next to fishing, one of the main income in the northeast of Brazil. Because of the many low water areas in the area, the natural salt baths are created when the water evaporates.
A long day, but an experience that one does not encounter anywhere else.