Brazil is a country that is actually too beautiful and diverse to view from one location. It covers half the contingent of South America. That is why it is worthwhile to undertake various excursions from your holiday location.

Well-known places are of course Rio de Janeiro, a visit to the Copa Cabana, the famous Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls, the Pantanal swamps or the Amazon. These places can be found in every travel guide.
But why would you search so far if you can sit close to the equator in an area that also has everything to offer.

The holiday spot is Natal, the city that lies at the shortest distance from Europe and America and where Natal Tourist Guide can offer its own package for excursions at the lowest prices.

Natal itself offers enough to show, but in the immediate vicinity there are many places and villages worth an excursion. From beautiful or active day trips to multi-day excursions to the most tropical destinations.

Visit the most beautiful places and beaches of Brazil, Pipa, Galinhos, Joào Pessoa, Genipabú, Fernando de Noronha or do an active excursion such as buggy rides, snorkeling, quad tour, sea fishing, Carnatal or join us on an excursion!