Another important point is of course the time difference, in the summer it is 4 hours earlier and in the winter it is 3 hours earlier than in England. So if you think at the end of the day to call home from Brazil, the chances are that people in the Netherlands are already asleep. Take this into account.

The currency in Brazil is the real one.
The price is currently about 3.5 real for a euro. But this can sometimes change every day, so keep an eye on the course.
On arrival at the airport you can immediately change if you are a few meters through the customs. Do not change too much and just peg the next day, then you get the best course.

The water from the tap is not drinkable in Brazil. There are bottles of drinking water everywhere in the supermarkets or other shops, varying from a bottle for 1 R $ to 20 liter bottles. You can also buy refrigerated bottles in the supermarkets.

The voltage in Natal is 220 volts. A different plug is used, so make sure you have an adapter. The easiest way is to bring a power strip with you so that you can connect multiple devices with one adapter.