Holidays and phonenumbers

1st of January
New Year’s day

21st of April
Dia de Tiradentes. Anniversary of the death of Tiradentes (1792), a national martyr who, with his followers rose up, for an independent Brazilian Republic.

1st of May
Dia do Trabalhador. Labour Day, an international holiday that is remembered by people all over the world.

7th of September
Dia da Independência – Independence Day, the celebration of the independence of Portugal on 7 September 1822

12th of October
Nossa Senhora Aparecida – commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary as patroness of Brazil. This day is also known and celebrated as Dia das Crianças, freely translated; day of the children

2nd of November
Dia de Finados – a Christian day to remember our loved ones who have passed already

15th of November
Proclamação da República – commemoration of the end of the dominance and the proclamation of the newly independent Brazil on 15 November 1889

First week of December
Carnatal! 4 days Carnival Brazilian style. Unlike in other cities and around the world, they celebrate Carnival in Natal in December. It's called therefore Carnatal! A party that is visited by more than a million people

25th of December
Christmas is celebrated extensively in this predominantly Catholic country. But Santa Claus is also not missing under the sun. A special experience.

31st of December
New Year’s Eve

In case of any problems or for example if you lose your passport, you can contact your consulate.

In Natal we have a few consulates:

The Dutch Consulate
Avenida Praia de Tibau 2230
Ponta Negra 59094-500 Natal
Tel: + 55 84 3219 0459
For emergencies outside office hours Tel: + 55 61 8134 9384

Norwegian Consulate in Natal, Brazil
Rua Dr. Nilo Bezerra Ramalho, 1706
59015-300 – Natal - RN
Telephone (+55) (2184) 3211 6800

British Consulate in Natal, Brazil
Av. Alexandrino de Alencar, 1237
59022-350 Natal - RN
Telephone (+55) 84 3211 2279

German Consulate in Natal, Brazil
Esplanada Silva Jardim 04, 2° andar, Ribeira
59012-090 Natal
Telephone (+55) 84 32 22 35 95 / 6

Italian Consular Agency in Natal, Brazil
Rua Auta de Souza n. 275 Cidade Alta
59025-060 Natal RN

Other important numbers:
Ambulance Service (SAMU): 192
Police: 190
Fire brigade: 193
Taxi: + 55 84 3213 – 6800 (Natal Taxi)
+ 55 84 4005 – 5666 (Radio Taxi)
+ 55 84 3205-4455 (Cooptax)
Post Office: + 55 84 3220-2500
Tourist Police: + 55 84 3232-7402/7404
Augusto Severo International Airport: + 55 84 3087-1270/1310
Walfredo Gurgel Hospital: + 55 84 3232-7500/7501

Please note the number for Brazil is + 55 and the local area code is 84. However, you can just leave it out if you do these numbers with your own phone.